Monday, November 9, 2009

Of Course Not!

Before I get started, baby Stellan and his whole family need your prayers this morning. He was set for a serious surgery tomorrow, but the circumstances have required that they bump it up to now. If you feel driven to do so, pray for them today. Go here to read more about this story.

I'm not doing a Not Me! Monday this week, because I want to show you all the beginnings of one large "not me" that began this weekend. I did not start decorating my house for Christmas this weekend! I know, I know, it's crazy early. Jason and I intended on waiting until after Thanksgiving, but after reviewing our chaotic holiday schedule, that would mean waiting until only be a week or two before Christmas. Since I've decided to do more than just a tree, I really don't want to spend all that time working on it, only to take it down a couple of weeks later. We are one of those weird families that takes their decorations down pretty ASAP after Christmas day. So we began. The tree is not up yet, we plan on doing that this coming weekend or the next, depending on plans.

Anyway, I wanted to share photos with you all!

Our mantle:

Close up shot of one side of the mantle. That black mini-pedestal that the large ornament is sitting on will be spray painted silver in the next few days, so that it blends more.

The large ornament. I found this at Target, how cute is that!
The other side of the mantle. I LOVE that tree! Our console table in the living room:
Coffee table:
Side table between the couch and loveseat. I'll try to post a whole room shot once the mess is all cleaned up and the decorating is finished.
In the foyer, we have put up a small tree that is really special. Each year, my Mom has always bought Christmas ornaments for us, and my "theme" was ballerinas, since I danced until I graduated high school. Eventually, we could no longer find any ballerina ornaments that were my style or already owned. So she switched it up to snowflakes, and now on to the bright colors that we have chosen, but these ballerinas will always be very special to me. I decided that these ornaments needed a special tree of their own, so we put it in the foyer:
My Nutcrackers surround it. I performed in the Nutcracker for many years, and it is one of my favorite shows.
There you have it! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! :)


Shannon said...

omg. Paigey, for real?? Your house looks like a magazine. I do believe that a tour of your adorable home is in order very soon. Seriously.. that all looks SO nice! GOOD JOB!

Brittney said...

LOVE the mantle! And is that Uppercase Living I spot? :)

Annie said...

i love all your decorations!! so cute!! i can't wait to start decorating for christmas! i still ahve my fall stuff out ;)

Emily said...

Poor little Stellan :(

Your house looks amazing! I love all the sparkley-ness. Someone must really love Christmas to be decorating this early ;)

Katie said...

I put up christmas decor in a few weeks...usually the day before thanksgiving! everything looks lovely :)

Jane said...

Oh this makes me want to start decorating for Christmas asap!

Jess said...

I love it! And, now I totally am able to "cheat" for the ornament exchange, lol.

The funny thing is that I actually recognized a couple of those ballerina ornaments as ones I have, too!

Jax said...

Love the decor!! I esp love the colorful baubles! And definitely praying for Stellan...

SassyCassie said...

Your mantle looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Amber, I have found your blog through Shannon's blog...and when I saw this post of your Christmas decorations, I absolutely fell in love with the ornament christmas tree sitting on your mantle and have been trying to find one! I can't find one however, and was wondering where you got yours? If you could just e-mail me at, because I am not sure if I will know if you comment back on here! Thanks so much!!! Hope I don't sound crazy!!! :)