Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween in Pictures

For Halloween, we kicked off the celebration with a viewing of "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" with Mom, Dad, Ash, Adam, and of course, Riley. Riley decided to wear my scarf for part of the day, and play with Fenway:
Riley and my Dad in the floor with Fenway:
Jason and I gave Riley some candy, but also a really cool book that does a "spooky laugh" when you open it. She LOVED it.
My sister made a dirt cake as a special "Trick-or-Treat."
Riley's ADORABLE costume: A sock monkey ballerina! She LOVES monkeys.
Look at that little tail!
My Mom and Me in the front yard.
Riley and her parents, aka my sister and brother in-law. Aren't they precious?
We went to eat with my parents, and were going to go with Ashley and Adam to show Riley off to grandparents and family friends, but Jason wasn't feeling well so we came on home. After a while, he started to feel better, so he carved Riley's pumpkin for her to have when she got home.
Scooby Doo! Riley picked out the design herself with Jason, and was so cute sitting next to it after her very eventful night!
And I just couldn't resist. At first, Fenway was going to be a banana. But the costume didn't fit. So we took it back, and decided not to dress him up. I went to Wal-Mart Halloween morning, and they had some costumes already marked down. I couldn't resist. My little clown!
He HATED this costume. Check out the video of him trying to escape the evil hat! So funny! And his butt looks HUGE since he is so fluffy! HAHA! Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween weekend!


Annie said...

riley's costume is adorable!! love the sock monkey ballerina! how unique! :)

hahahah!! your poor dog!! he hated that hat! the clip was quite funny ;)

glad you had a good halloween hun!!

katie + bret said...

Oh my gosh!! Riley looks so precious!!

And WOW, you look just like your sister!! Beauties :)

Shannon said...

ok, that is THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL OUTFIT EVER!! I *love* sock monkeys! Note the $50 blanket I just bought our future child.. I just LOVED the bright sock monkeys! Plus, there was a matching sock monkey diaper bag, but it was $150 :[ Too much. Riley is simply edible. She is getting SO cute!! I mean, she always WAS super cute, but you know what I mean? She just gets better and better :]

Brittney said...

Okay, that dirt cake really looks like...well, a dirt cake.


Angie Repetti said...

Poor Fenway...Not nice Paigey...po po lil puppy dog....(p.s. it was hilarious!!!)

Jorden and Kristin said...

looks like a lot of fun! i love riley's costume!