Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

I Love Little Friday!
I am thankful for my dear friend Ashlee, who is having a birthday today in NYC. I'm thankful for texting, that allows me to talk to her throughout the day since we can't celebrate together like we normally do.

I'm thankful for all my sweet bloggy friends, for you all leave me the sweetest, most encouraging messages!

I'm thankful for my sweet husband, who will go home at lunch to set the DVR for Ellen, just so I can watch Taylor Swift tonight.

I'm thankful that Riley gave me kisses at lunch today.

I'm thankful that my life insurance sale came through today!

I'm thankful that sweet baby Stellan is hanging in there, even though things don't look good today. Happy Birthday baby Stellan!

I'm thankful that I get to see sweet Riley dressed as a Sock Monkey Ballerina for Halloween, and give her a bag of M&M's!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Brittney said...

So fun! I've never participated in this carnival, but I might have to join in soon!

Amy Lynn said...

A sock monkey ballerina??!?!?! I can't wait to see this....

Shannon said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post pics of Riley in her costume. PUHLEEEEASE!!!!???

Lisa H said...

and I'm thankful for you and your new house wife domestication and learning to cook, so that your leftovers keep me from having to cook!!! Love you

Ashlee said...

I am always thankful for you, ESPECIALLY today. Thanks for blowing up my phone-I needed it:)

Annie said...

what a sweet list :)

hope you have a great weekend my friend!! :)