Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's, cough, 30th Birthday. (Hey, you celebrate 30 as many times as you want to, right? She still acts 30 to me.)

My Mom and I are fantastic friends. We shop together, we gossip, we tell on ourselves to each other when we think bad things about people, etc. We even try to have lunch together every day during the work week. It's never a good lunch break if I don't get to run by and see my Mom or meet up with her somewhere.

This is my Mom and I after getting our nails done a few days before my wedding:

Mom and I at my wedding shower in April:
Mom and I at a Keith Urban Concert last winter. Yes, my husband and I go to concerts with my parents sometimes. What's so weird about that?! We have a blast. :)

Happy Birthday to my Mommy and best friend! I love you!


Amy Lynn said...

Your mommy looks so much like my mommy in that last one. And going to concerts with your parents is not weird! Or is it? hmmm, I don't think it is anyway... :) Happy Birthday Aunt Lisa!

Shannon said...

woah baby, Paigeroo! Your hair is really dark!

Lisa H said...

Thanks honey, I have fun with you too, and in a few years will be 30 together

Anonymous said...

can i just say that i LOVE how your mom is looking at you in the keith urban picture? it's so cute. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAY LATE! :)