Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Again? Ugh

Thank you all so much for the really sweet birthday wishes! It was a fantastic day, despite being at work for part of it, but my friends and family made up for it that evening and weekend!

My sweet little Tooter-Bug brought me 3 pink roses and a very special "Aunt" card to work!! It really made my work day much brighter!

The card came with a special "Great Aunt" sticker badge, and Riley thought we should share.
I wore my half on my shirt.  Riley, well, put hers right on her face!! :)

My bestie sent me these GORGEOUS flowers to say she was thinking of me all the way up in NYC!! I'm so proud of her, she's living up her dream in NYC to become a Broadway star! I can't wait until my trip up to watch her perform again.  In all our years of friendship, I've seen every single show she's been in.  Miles and distance won't stop me from seeing her in her first Broadway production! I know she's going to make it up there, I have so much faith in her! These flowers made me miss her tons though, I'm so used to having her right here with me!
That evening, we went to my parents house for a family dinner and gifts! I LOVE german chocolate cake, but I insist on having my great-grandmothers icing recipe.  Icing a home made German Chocolate Cake is one of my most vivid memories of my Ganny Eda, so it HAS to be her recipe.  However, Jason has a fabulous straight-from-scratch cake recipe.  So Jason made the cake and my Mommy made the icing.  YUM!  Even though when it came time for me to blow out candles, we used a "2" candle and a "4" candle because we didn't have a 3 in the box! So even though I turned 23, we celebrated 24 haha!

Pictures from the evening include: Me and sweet Fenway...
Opening gifts.  Remember this post? This is why I got Raid!  Such a funny from my sister.  She also treated me to a movie date on Sunday, and made a copy of my wedding video for me!!
Look at that hubby of mine...what a stud muffin! I love that 5 o'clock shadow on him ;)

Riley giggled and grinned all the way through "Happy Birthday." Each time they sang, she LOVED it!  So they sang it rather excessively that night! 

Of course my sweet baby attended the party!
The "23" birthday picture! 
Thanks again for all the wishes! I'll share pictures from the Botanical Garden date that Jason took me on the following day as soon as I get them uploaded!! :) Love to you all!


♥Kim said...

Happy Birthday again! :) I'll be 23 this year (Nov.) as well!
Glad you had a great b-day!

(You know what else is interesting, that nickname you got for your niece (toota-bugs) is the same nickname my grandfather had for me, and i passed it on to my son! So neat!)

Have a blessed work week!
Hope you can stop by sometime!

Angie Repetti said...

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday, Paigey...wish we could have stayed just one more day to help you celebrate! And, I agree, there is NOTHING like Ganny Eda's german chocolate cake!!!! 8-)))Love you bunches and bunches!!!

katie + bret said...

FUN BIRTHDAY!! Did I wish you happy birthday? I don't remember... hmmm, if I didn't HAPPY late BIRTHDAY! I just adore birthdays!

I hope you had a wonderful day - GORGEOUS flowers!!

Jorden and Kristin said...

awww it looks fun!! happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

pretty flowers!!! :) happy birthday late. (i suck) haha.