Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Jason and I went to a place called Cheekwood in Nashville on Saturday. We went mainly for some shopping and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (Oh I WISH our town would get one of those! So worth an hour drive), but decided that we also wanted to do something different on this trip. Jason found this beautiful place that has many different Botanical Gardens (A Japanese Garden, an Herb Garden, etc) and an art museum. It was a really neat place to just walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather, and my hubby decided to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery! Take a look:

The back view of the zen garden
Another of the zen garden.
I just love the bamboo trees. They are SO neat at how strong they are even though they are so thin!
Cheekwood has a scarecrow display throughout all the gardens this month, and each sponsor was able to create their own masterpiece. I believe this specific one was from an art company in Nashville. They had some other really cute ones, in scrubs to represent the hospitals, decorated in eco-friendly materials, and tons more. We didn't take many pictures of them though.
Jason was just amazed at the vines all over the place.

This part, in the "Water Garden" was my favorite. There were beautiful waterfalls and ponds and foliage all around. I wish I had brought a book and a blanket to enjoy it a little more!
We also watched many workers work rapidly to set up for a sunset wedding in one of the gardens. It was going to be a beautiful wedding, and the reception was just off the back patio of the museum! It was very elegant, and the perfect weather for a fall wedding! Luckily they were married on Saturday and not Sunday of this past weekend, because Sunday was cold and rainy!! I really wanted to stay and watch the wedding from a distance to see how the ceremony was going to play out, but the park was closing to the public. I'm sure it was beautiful though!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


Amy Lynn said...

That's so pretty!

By the way... we have a Cheesecake Factory less than a mile from our house :) Come check it out!

Tatiana said...

I love cheesecake factory!!!! Those pictures are beautiful! So glad you got to spend some time with your hubby; those are some of the best days :-)

PS: my wedding was somewhere near Detroit MI. It was a golf club :-)

katie + bret said...

Ooohh, very pretty! I love all the bamboo and the vines. What a great afternoon!

Yumm cheesecake factory - Get a slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake for me please :)

Emily said...

Mmm cheesecake factory is so good!

Your pictures are so pretty... how nice for someone to have a wedding there!

Emily said...

Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment! Everything you said was so helpful :)

I've been trying to pray in shorter bursts during the day and it's making such a difference! I feel like it makes me so much more aware of God's presence if I talk to him sporadically instead of just during "prayer time."

Again, thanks so much for the encouragement!

Alicia W. said...

I'm loving your blog. :) 2 Cute!

Jane said...

Gorgeous pics! Sounds like a fun time!

Tatiana said...

wanted to say that I left you something on my blog :-)

Anonymous said...

that place is GORGEOUS! :)