Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Months!

My sweet Stinky Boy,

I cannot believe you are already 7 months old.  I still feel like you are brand new, but I also have completely forgotten what life was like before you came into my world.  You are at such a fun, yet tiring age.  We do every thing we can to tire you out sometimes, including dance parties.

I went back to work part-time this month, and we have both been adjusting to a new schedule.  You seem to be doing really well at your Granny's house, napping like you should and not missing me too much! I'm sure that I miss you 100 times more than you miss me, but it sure is sweet to see your face light up when I come get you.

You have become so interested in your surroundings, and love to explore and discover.  Those really awesome toys you were given at Christmas? Forget it, you could care less.  All you are interested in are Fenway's toys, Fenway's food, and all the cords you can get your hands on. Fenway is your best friend for life, and you two always seem to team up against me and find new things to get into! It's so fun to watch the two of you play, I hope you always cherish your childhood pet.

Within days of learning to crawl (although you still find that creeping gets you around faster, you have started to pull up in your crib!!

We often find you like this in the mornings:
You are learning to imitate our actions more and more, and your current favorite is smacking the table, floor, couch, etc.

This month you wore one of MY old shirts to cheer on our favorite team!!
You still adore your bath, it is one of your favorite activities.

And you love remote controls.  You actually love them so much that we have given you an old one that is your own personal remote to chew on.  We decided this was best after you killed one of our other ones by spitting up on it.  Thank goodness for the rice trick!

You are into EVERYTHING. Case and point:

Who me? Just playin' Mom

This thing is more fun to be UNDER, rather than IN.

Maybe I'll just slip out...Wonder what I'll find?

Potatoes!! YAY! This looks fun.

She caught me.  Now I have to be IN this thing.  Dang it.

You also experienced your very first snowfall! It wasn't much snow at all, but enough to document.  You weren't a big fan.

We've slowly started working on allowing you to feed yourself, but a lot of it ends up on the floor instead.  You enjoy trying though.

You are such a happy baby, and love to read, play and make messes.  

This month, you've learned to blow raspberries and we've also started trying to teach you to wave! Your Granny has been working extremely hard with you on this, and although you do it quite often, you aren't a big fan of showing it for the camera.

It's amazing to me that you are already SEVEN months old, baby boy.  You will be driving before we know it.

You've certainly been busy this month with all your new skills and discoveries, and I know it will only get busier as we go.  I'm so glad you are mine, and I love your hugs and kisses.  You only give them sparingly, and rarely on demand, but I find them to be more special that way.  You are very selective on your hugs and kisses, usually only giving them to your Mommy, Daddy, Granny and Pappy.  I'm so proud of you and your inquisitive mind.  I know you will always make us proud.

Happy 7 months, baby boy!


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Erika and Jason said...

You accent is SO adorable! And of course so is E. I can't believe he's creeping so well. What a happy little peanut:)