Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Nursery Reveal!

I have totally slacked on this post.  Our nursery has been 100% complete for about a month now, I just have failed miserably to take pictures, upload pictures, and them.  Get ready for a picture crazy post of our sweet Ethan's nautical room!  We chose the nautical theme from inspiration of Jason's birthplace of Gloucester, Massachusetts. I loved visiting Good Harbor Beach and all of the beautiful boats and lighthouses that we were able to see.  As soon as we discovered we were pregnant, we knew that the nursery would be nautical if God blessed us with a son.

We had a LOT of DIY projects in this room that our entire family had a hand in! Jason painted a bulk of the furniture and mural, my sister recovered the glider that belonged to my grandmother, my grandmother made two of our toy bags, and my Mom and I (well, mostly Mom) made all of the hardware on the furniture and recovered the small lamp!  Ethan's room has truly been a labor of love from our entire family.

The view from the door.  The glider was a last minute decision as the recliner/glider that my parents purchased for us as a Christmas gift ended up being too big to fit into the room.  My grandmother had one in her sewing room "collecting fabric" as she called it and insisted that we recover it and put it to use.  Thanks Grammy Karen! :)  My sister has been learning to sew, so we put her skills to the test, and she finished this project super fast! I think it looks great! Thanks Ashley!
 Boat shelves 
 Another view from the door
 Changing table, bookshelf, and toy bags.  The toy bags on the sides were made by my Grammy Karen to go with the one in the middle that came with the bedding.  She also embroidered his name on them, they are perfect for all the stuffed animals that the "Kohl's Fairy" keeps leaving on my doorstep. ;)  Thanks again Grammy Karen!
 Jason's mural...He worked SO hard on this, and it was truly touching to watch him work on it.  He has done several murals for other homes and businesses before, but watching him work on this one was completely different.  He was in a totally different "zone" than I've ever seen him in when working on projects, and he was really proud of the result.  The buoys in the mural spell out Ethan.

 Our bookshelf.  We had this shelf custom made for Ethan's room.  Every bookshelf we found was either WAY too pricey, too tall, too ornate, or too small for this space.  My Dad delivers to a community that makes and sells furniture, and they completed this for us.  It was exactly how we wanted it, and having it custom gave Jason the opportunity to paint it exactly how we wanted it without having to sand color off.
 Ethan's tiny clothes hanger.  It is currently holding a diaper bag given to us by my parents' neighbors and the outfit we will bring Ethan home in.  My Mom bought this little outfit for Ethan the morning we found out we were pregnant.  It is so sweet, with tiny lambs embroidered on it, I knew we would bring him home in it immediately.
 The end table and lamp!  Jason converted this oak end table into a beautiful nautical end table by doing the same blue "antiquing" technique that he did on Ethan's changing table and bookshelf.  He finished it off by painting a beautiful compass on it.  The lamp was recovered by my Mom (with many, many trials on this one, we couldn't get that stinking fabric to stick!) and we added the rope to finish the edges.

I love how it all turned out, and I am so thankful for all the help we had in completing it!  With all the DIY projects and talented family members, we were able to do this room on an insanely tight budget.  I can't wait to show Ethan his very own space in our home that was gifted to him by the hard work of his entire family.  We certainly couldn't have done it without them!


Lyryn said...

It looks amazing, Paige!!! I love the theme! Such a cute bedroom for little man to come into! Great job!

Erika and Jason said...

Wow! Simply amazing. Awesome work!

Brittney said...

This is sooo cute! You all did such a great job!

Jess said...

The room looks so great!!! I love it!!

Perfect for a little boy :)

Kerr said...

what an adorable nursery! you can tell a lot of work went into it and it paid off!

I esp love the boats on the wall, so cute.

Heather said...

The nursery looks amazing and I love how unique it is!

Brittany Ann said...

It is so amazing! We talked about doing a Navy theme if we had a boy, so I love the nautical theme:) The shelves are my favorite! So perfect!

Tatiana said...

It turned out SO beautiful! I absolutely LOVE the boat shelves and the table. Adorable!

Jax said...

I LOVE this theme! How freaking adorable! And I love that your family had a hand in creating the room! It makes it even more special for Ethan! :)

Courtney said...

I LOVE the colors and the theme you chose! Great job!

lessonsinlifeandlight said...

Aw, so fun! And your husband did an awesome job on the mural.

I'm posting our nursery reveal today!