Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time Flies on Cloud 9

Jason and I just entered the last month of our first year of marriage. I'm simply amazed that we are quickly arriving to our 1st anniversary.

This time last year, I was stressing over a guest list, certain friendships, preparing to move out of my parents home, and starting a new life. During all this stress and sadness, the only thing that made those months before the wedding worth it was my love for my husband. I thought of what my love for him truly meant as we approached the day that would change our whole lives.

This May, I've decided that I want to dedicate this whole month to love. I want to talk to you all about God's love, my marriage, and a whole list of other things. I want your participation too! If you have any ideas or thoughts about things you may want to see on here regarding love, let me know!


littledaisymay said...

I love it, date twin :) Can't believe it's been almost a year since we've been married!

Jax said...

Oh fun! :) Congrats on an upcoming year of marriage! YAY! :) I love the month of love posting!

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

Congrats!! I would love to see a post about advice for wedding planning/the first year of marriage! Not that I am engaged or anything but I think it would be interesting to hear from a seasoned pro :)