Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Riley!

I adore being an aunt. I adore my niece. I adore it when she calls me "My Paige." And I certainly adore celebrating her birthday!

I'm sorry I've been MIA so much lately. I've been busy trying to catch up with work, and now work is heavy on my heart.  Anyway, more about that later.  Tonight, I share with you the most beautiful girl in the world and her 2nd birthday party!

The Crowe family.  Aren't they beautiful?!

The top of Riley's Birthday cake.  She called the Banana Runts "Mac-and-Cheese!" Silly girl!

The entire cake.  Didn't my sister do a fantastic job?!
My sister's living room and the beautiful banner that wishes the most precious 2-year-old a Happy Birthday!
Riley's "Curious" food table.  My sister had all "monkey" themed food.  Monkey much, banana bars, banana nut-chocolate chip muffins, monkey bread, you get the idea.  It was fantastic!  All kinds of yummy sweet stuff!

Singing "Happy Birthday."  Riley loves to be sang to-she grins so sweetly!
Opening presents:
Her brand new "Basset Ball goal" from her Granny and Pappy!  She was all about this! So was her Daddy lol.
Jason and I got her this toy grill.  It lit up, sizzled, and was full of toy food (that was "sliceable").  She LOVES it! She keeps saying: "I cookin'! I cookin'!"
My Uncle Steve and Riley playing in some balloons.  Riley had a TON of sugar that day and a TON of fun at her party.
I made a sweet picture montage video for Riley during her party.  She watched the video, and then began to identify everyone in the photos with her.  When a picture of the two of us popped up, she said "There's Riley's Paige!"  I love it when she calls me that.  She always calls me "My Paige" or "Riley's Paige."  She's very possessive over me, which I absolutely LOVE.

Happy 2nd birthday sweet baby girl.   I adore you.


Heather said...

I love her cake! Your sister did a great job!

littledaisymay said...

Such a sweet party! Happy birthday to Riley!

Laura and Ryan said...

Happy Birthday to her! So cute...