Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today, I am tired. I still have every intention of sharing all of our wonderful pictures from our trip to Mexico, but I am so sleepy!

We went to see Jennifer and Chris Creed last night in their beautiful townhome for the BIG reveal of all of our wedding images. They set up a wonderful slideshow set to music of a lot of their favorites, and then let us look at every singe image that was put on their cameras from that day. I think it took us an hour and fifteen minutes to look at everything they have done, and we went through them really fast!! They are FABULOUS pictures, and I can't wait to finalize the album she is working on for us so that we have a hard copy of so many of our favorites. It's so hard to choose our favorites, there are so many!

Anyway, we got home and just HAD to look at all of our beautiful pictures again, and our friend Ashlee came over to see them as well. Ashlee went home around midnight, and Jason and I were still up looking at pictures and trying to pick our TOP favorites. Finally, around 2 am, we called it a night. I am definitely paying for it today!!

Check out this blog link for some of Jennifer's favorites from the day. If you want to see ALL of our images (Warning: there are a LOT! I love it!) let me know and I will send you the password.


Shannon said...

totally awesome. can you send me the password on facebook pretty please?!?! i am dying for more.

PaigeR530 said...

Ah I can't get on Facebook at work! I'll send it as soon as I get home.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see pictures! that link won't work for me :(!