Friday, June 12, 2009

The Reception

Our reception was a BLAST! Have I killed you with pictures yet? So sorry!

This is a picture of Jason's shoes he wore for the wedding. He originally purchased them for the reception only-but they were so HIM that he ended up wearing them all day. They were perfect for his personality.
Me with Steve right before the reception. I love this picture, even if I'm making a really weird face. It kind of shows our relationship haha! Always funny comments with me and that family!
My crazy Mom with some of her brothers and sisters at the dinner table. SO attractive :)
Apparently the same attractiveness went on at Jason's parents table.
Jason and I at dinner-no goofy faces. We had a sweetheart table so that we could enjoy some time just the two of us.
Our first dance was so fun. We danced to "Making Memories of Us" by Keith Urban. And then we broke out into Sir Mix A Lot's "Jump On It" at the part that says "What's up Orlando, what's up?!"

Jason and I decided to surprise Mom and her sister dancing "the right way" with some REAL dancing. I love Mom's face in this picture.
Dancing with sweet Riley. Even though she didn't feel well she still seemed to have fun dancing.
Mom and her "Seester" dancing "properly."

Our AWESOME DJ and really good friend, Jeremy.
Jason dancing with his Mom.
My cousin Amy and her "hunky butt" boyfriend Ed.

The garter toss. Since Jason is a huge Red Sox fan, I surprised him with a Red Sox garter. His reaction was priceless.
This picture is everything Jason and I are about. Always laughing and doing silly things.
About to leave-hugging my new mother-in-law.
Giving my Momma big hugs before we left.
And giving my Dad some love too. His eyes look so sad here.
Our improvised exit. Since it was already night time and I was afraid of messing with sparklers, we chose to do a send off dance to Michael Buble's "Save the Last Dance for Me." We planned on just giving hugs and leaving, but our wedding party came up with this idea. It was so cute!

The AWESOME sign that the hotel put up for us!!!

Stay tuned for honeymoon pictures! We had a blast in Mexico!


Angie Repetti said...

You keep making me "puddle" with each post...What a wonderful and fantastic wedding! Love you both, bunches and bunches!!!! Aunt Angie

Shannon said...

Can you tell us what you all had to eat at the reception?! I'm dying to know. your wedding looks SOOOOOOO cute. seriously. I'm loving these posts. Will you actually get the pictures from Jen on Monday? Or just see them on the computer? because I can't wait to see them!

PaigeR530 said...

Ah I totally forgot to talk about the food! We gave everyone a choice of pecan crusted chicken or pork tenderloin. Jason got one and I got the other, and split them. They all came with a starch (potatoes au gratin for the chicken, mashed potatoes for the pork) and fresh veggies with all. We also had lemon sorbet between the salad and main course. The food was SO good!

I'm not sure of all the details of meeting with Jennifer, but I know we intend to buy an album from her, which with our contract will include a CD of all the images. But I'm not quite sure when I will get that-I'll let you know as soon as I do! I'll post a blog of Sneak Peek Number 2 for you right now!

Amy Lynn said...

You picked a GREAT selection of pictures to show the story of your reception and our crazy family's personality. :) I'm not bored of the pictures yet, and I even go to see it all in person first!

Anonymous said...

excuse me. I'm going to need to see the video of you guys dancing and then busting into that song. I bet it was priceless.

also: the pictures of you with your parents are adorable.

also: jason's mom (and yours too, but i think i've told you this) so doesn't look old enough to be jason's mom. Your kids (and you guys) will have great aging genes.