Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Details

So ok. This post just MIGHT be forever long. Sorry. Jason and I had a BEAUTIFUL wedding day, and I want to tell you everything!!!And share lots of beautiful pictures! I actually may separate this into a few shorter posts so that it's not ridiculous. The pictures I am posting are taken by my talented uncle. Once we get our professional pictures back, I'll be sure to send you the link. We used the incredible Jennifer Creed and her husband as our photographers, and they were WONDERFUL. Check out the sneak peak! They worked SO hard all day long, and even after we told them they could go home after such a long day, they STILL stayed until Jason and I left. Talk about some dedication!

The day started off a little hectic. Beginning with setting up the reception site with my parents, everything seemed to be going very smoothly. I ran upstairs to the reserved room for me and my bridesmaids to get ready in to take a shower before my hair appointment. My poor niece is teething something terrible, and her little belly was really in bad shape. Ashley and Adam spent the morning trying to care for their sweet girl, and luckily ended up feeling "some" better throughout the day. Once Riley had some medicine in her and in the care of her Daddy, Ashley came to get me to get our "hair did." I loved my hair dresser! She was so great to everyone, and SUPER quick!

Here are some of the little details we included.

Some wonderful friends of our family gave Jason and I this gift for our wedding. I opened it up the morning of the wedding, and am so glad I decided to! It made a great asset to our cake table.

Our gorgeous cake table!
Isn't this cake beautiful! My extremely talented mother made and decorated this cake! It was pretty yummy too!

The grooms cake table. Jason is a huge Red Sox fan, and Ashley and Adam made the cake and ordered him a Louisville Slugger that said: Jason and Paige Orlando May 30, 2009! Love it!
We chose to do a sand ceremony instead of a unity candle. It was so pretty, and the middle vase is gorgeous now!
Next up, some pictures before the ceremony!


Shannon said...

cool! for the sand vase, do you keep the mixed up sand in it forever? or did you throw it away so you can put flowers on it? oh, and i LOVE that Orlando thing at the beginning of your blog. that looks like an Uppercase Living item. it will look GREAT in your house. well, i'm sure it's already in your house looking great at this very moment :D haha! you'll have to post pictures of your adorable house too. no pressure though ;]

PaigeR530 said...

The middle will stay the same, with all the different colors, its beautiful-we are going to use the two outer vases for flowers. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Red Sox table. Love Love Love Love Love it. Seriously. And that's bat? Amazing. :)

Amy Lynn said...

The whole thing was amazing! And the little details were a great touch!