Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pre Ceremony!

Due to time and wanting to spend as much time with our guests as possible, Jason and I chose to forgo yet another tradition and see each other before the ceremony. We originally really wanted the big "ceremony reveal"-but decided that making our guests wait at the reception wasn't very considerate, and we wanted LOTS of pictures. Thanks again for that, Jennifer Creed!

Anyway, while Jenny was taking all of our miraculous pictures (that we get to see Monday YAY!!), my uncle was running around snapping tons himself. Here are a few shots that we got pre-ceremony!

Typical us-Ready to get this show on the road!!!
Sweet Riley playing the piano with Ashlee.

I LOVED my flowers. Such beautiful hydrageas, wrapped in my "something old." My baby bonnet!

My beautiful mother and niece.

I love this picture of Jason and I, and even more so with the expression on my friend Ashlee's face! She really is the funniest, coolest friend EVER!

Sharing another moment.

My back was hurting from all the standing in shoes that I forgot to break in. So we went to sit for a while. I ended up barefoot before the ceremony started, and stayed that way pretty much for the rest of the day! I tried flip-flops at the reception, but they were just so constraining they got kicked off quickly.

Jason and his incredibly awesome groomsmen.

Jason and I with my parents.
Me with my whole family-minus Jason

The Crowe family.
I love this shot with me and my bridesmaids, even if it looks like there are raindrops on the lense. I especially love Ashlee in this picture!


Shannon said...

sooo cute! I love the baby bonnet idea :] adorable! and mark and i saw each other before the ceremony for the same reasons. except our pictures sucked. but anyway... ahem.. i LOVE your pictures!

Amy Lynn said...

That first picture fits you both so PERFECTLY! Oh, and I love the one with Ashlees head poking through too... lol.. I can't wait to see the rest from Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1) i LOVE LOVE LOVE that first picture. so so cute!

2) your baby bonnet?!? for reeeeal?!? SO PRECIOUS.

i love it.