Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Brightest Firefly in My Jar

Jason and I were married three years ago today.  It's always fun to look back on our wedding day.  We smile about how excited we felt, we talk about how ridiculous our wedding party acted, we laugh about the things that didn't go perfectly, and remember the chaos of a day that has been captured with some beautiful photos.  We always remember that the day was completely successful because our goal was acheived: we became a family.  The beauty in that simple fact easily overshadowed all the stress and turmoil that led up to that afternoon.

As a gift this year, Jason presented me with a beautiful green amethyst ring.   Green has always been a significant color to our relationship, so this is an incredibly sweet reminder of our time together before we were married.

Jason has always been one to look for signals and signs to show him that particular paths are right for him.  It has always stood out to him to see a certain shade of green (usually in light coming from a firefly) during those struggles that gave him comfort knowing he was making the right choices.  When we began dating, he told me this story, and how he felt that was God's way of showing him it was time to make big moves in his life.  He said it was always strange that he would find a firefly glowing during these particular times, even if it was during a season when you didn't find many of them.

When he and I met, he told me months later that he noticed that shade of green showing up everywhere in his daily activities, usually right after we spent time together.  He told me he has always felt that was God's way of showing him that he and I were supposed to be married.  I told him he was silly, and that seeing an abundance of fireflies in the middle of June was no rare occurance. 

That fall, we split up for a few months.  After I came to my senses, he told me that he never worried that our relationship was over during our break-up.  I found it completely arrogant of him, but he told me that he found a firefly at least once a week during the months of October and November.  He told me he knew it was God's way of continuing to tell him that we were supposed to be together, but to be patient, because I needed to figure that out for myself as well.  It was an incredibly sweet story, especially since it had so much meaning to him during those months.  Jason has tried to subtley continue to use the color in small gifts to me throughout the years as a reminder that we will always be together, and this year it was this beautiful gemstone.

Happy Anniversary, my love! You are still the brightest firefly in my jar.


Erika said... sweet:-) Happy Anniversary!

Sarah said...

Awww sweet story!!!!! That concept should be made into a movie or at least sell it to Nicholas Sparks :)

Tatiana said...

Happy anniversary girly! This story is SO cute. And holy cow that ring is absolutely gorgeous!