Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Quick Report of a Milestone

Ethan has officially rolled over!  Ethan was down for a nap this past Friday, sleeping on his belly*, and began to grunt and squirm.  Jason went in to check on him and ran back to me and asked how I put him down.  I looked at Jason like he was a total moron and said, "On his belly of course, why?"

He gave me a huge grin and said, "Well, he's now on his side, so come watch."

We tiptoed into Ethan's room and a few minutes later, he flipped all the way over!  He went from his back to his side every few minutes until he finally decided to relax on his back and grin.  He realized that he was being watched and cooed at us, so proud of himself.  We're pretty proud too!

Just for cuteness, here's a small bathtime video of Ethan too.  He adores the water!

*Before you say anything, I have done the research of infants sleeping on their bellies.  I understand what the facts state, and I also understand what the facts do not state.  After a lot of prayer, discussions with fellow blog mommies who know far more than I, and talks with Jason, we allow Ethan to sleep on his belly.  We take several precautions and extra ways to monitor his breathing and movement while he sleeps this way, and feel that it is best for Ethan to allow him to sleep the way he is most comfortable.  This was a well educated, well thought out decision on our behalf, and we truly believe that it is the right thing to do.


Erika and Jason said...

Go E!!!! And Savannah has the same tub!:-) She loves it but not as much as him. How cool that he's rolling over!!

Brittney said...

Way to go, Ethan!!

Anonymous said...

Brynn's only a fan of the water for about 10 minutes at a time. Then, she's DONE.

He is sooo cute! HI ETHAN!