Monday, October 18, 2010

"Well, I Guess You Might As Well Come In..."

I just recently started going to the chiropractor. I have a wonderful doctor who has been very considerate of all my fears. My Mom even went with me to my first couple of appointments for moral support. In case you missed my post on the chiropractor, I especially have the fears of having my neck popped. My fears definitely intensified the morning I discovered my pregnancy. Especially since my discovery fell on the same day that my doctor was going to begin my neck adjustments.

I drove in absolute silence all the way to the chiropractor. At that moment, I was desperately searching for an emotion. There were no tears, there was no fear, just a semi-state of shock. It's hard to explain, but it was completely calm. I was thrilled to say the least, and good to go.

I walked into the doctor's office, and the receptionist congratulated me as I signed in, and the floodgates open. I immediately begin to sob, which makes the lady ask me if I'm not happy about my news. I try to blubber out that I am, but I've literally only had this news for about 30 minutes and feeling a little overwhelmed. She hands me a tissue, and puts me into a room to talk with my doctor.

I'm sitting in this room with my mind running in 1000 directions and right as the receptionist is about to close the door, in walk my parents. Both of them. They look so excited because they were going to suprise me to be there to support me during the neck adjustment. Oh my. Not only does Jason not know yet, but here are my parents! I have always anticipated coming up with really adorable and creative ways to tell them that a grandchild was on the way. Yet there they were, standing in front of me, and I have zero clue on how to discuss this with my doctor in private without looking like an emotional lunatic.

I blurted something out about needing to ask some questions first, and ask them to wait outside. Mom looks very confused, and I found out later she thought I was in a lot of pain and didn't want them know. They both look a bit flustered, but respectfully step out of the consultation room and begin to head back to the lobby.

Suddenly, I hear the receptionist say: "I'm sure she just doesn't want to cry. She's very upset, but don't worry, Dr. R does wonderful work with pregnant women."

OMG, the receptionist really just told my parents that I'm pregnant.

I threw open the door and just said, "Well, I guess you might as well come on in." My poor parents look so confused and Mom asks me if I think I'm pregnant. I immediately begin to cry again and tell her no, I'm positive I'm pregnant. Then the floodgates open again from all parties, and my Mom begins jumping up and down and hugging me. The whole moment was pretty comical.

In walks Dr. R in all this mess. He feels terrible because he had zero idea that my discovery was only an hour old, and that he also walks in on my parents figuring out the news. He was so sweet, answers all my questions, and I decided to go ahead with my adjustment. And at this point, I panic that my own husband still has no idea he is about to become a father.

Operation: Tell Jason ASAP.


Shannon said...

way to make me cry, Paige!!!!!! waaaay excited for the 3rd installment on this grand story!

Brittney said...

AHHHHHHH! I love this story! I am soooooo anxious to find out how you told Jason!!!!!!

Jess said...

Oh, no, lol.

I hope that receptionist felt at least a little bad that she spilled the beans, lol.