Monday, October 18, 2010

And In One Moment, My Whole World Changed.

Jason and I have been talking off and on about a baby for while now, but haven't quite been ready to make that leap *just* yet.

It's been more on our minds lately and we have both recently felt compelled to stop trying to control our lives. We've had several sermons at church that have made us feel that God has been telling us just to trust him with our family, and that he would not lead us down a path that would be detrimental. When God's time was right for a child, we would embrace it no matter if it were sooner or later, although it was certainly our plan for later. However, as soon as we started completely trusting God to control our lives, we wound up pregnant! Although we were surprised by the news so early, we are so thrilled to be preparing ourselves for parenthood.

I took a pregnancy test sometime last week because I had x-rays done to begin my journey with a chiropractor. It was negative, and so we took no precautions of pregnancy because I had a negative test.

I felt pretty gross all day Saturday. Sunday was no better. I did make it to church, but lunch at Outb@ck was TERRIBLE and did not stop this intense nausea. Sunday afternoon was pretty much like Saturday. So that evening I took a really hot bath, which intensified my nausea, and resulted in laying around in the bathroom floor until around 3 am. There was no puking involved, but I'll spare you the gory details of the rest. Anyway, because I wasn't puking, I didn't think pregnant, I thought "I have that stinking vomit/diarrhea virus for the 3rd time this year. Fantastic."

Monday morning. No improvement, until something hit me that I needed to throw up. After a few unsuccessful attempts of this task and some sore stomach muscles, I instantly felt 100% better. That was my ah-ha moment. I knew I needed to check again. Although it was negative last week, I felt like I just HAD to check again.

So while Jason went into the kitchen to eat breakfast, I peed on another one of those expensive sticks. I found myself nervous, and actually HOPING it was positive. Almost INSTANTLY the positive sign popped up. I immediately felt dizzy, and was convinced I was hallucinating. I went into the kitchen, but literally could not say a single word, let Jason give me a big hug and head to work. I was set to make a school based visit to a client before my chiropractor visit.

Halfway to the elementary school, I feel a wave of panic/dizziness about my chiropractor visit. I had NO idea if the chiropractor was safe during the first few critical weeks. I immediately texted my boss, said I was sick, went back home to call my chiro. I tell the lady I literally just discovered my pregnancy, and didn't know was to do. She reassured me it was safe, but my doctor would want to talk to me first to answer my questions and to come on in for my appointment.

I decide that I'm not convinced that the EPT was accurate enough. I decide to make a trip to Kroger, buy a DIGITAL test so there was no room for confusion. I buy my tests, and realize I have no time to make it home before my appointment. Naturally, it looks quite odd to complete a self check-out and then BACK into the store to pee, so I made the
only logical decision to go pee on another stick in freaking KMART right next door. Why? I have no clue.

I walk in, politely ask the man cleaning the toilets to leave so I can use the restroom, and proceed. The test did not take 3 minutes. Within 3 seconds, the "pregnant" popped up. Again, naturally I did not want to leave this test in the newly emptied trashcans by the cleaning man, so I clean it off, put it in a random Ziploc baggie (you'd be amazed at what ends up in my purse now that I work with children) and PUT THE THING IN MY PURSE! I walked around all morning with a PEE STICK in my purse! Again, not my best moment. Of course, neither was taking a pregnancy test in Kmart.

At this point, I'm in complete shock and emotionless, still wondering how I'm going to tell my husband. I was 100% positive that he was going to be thrilled. I could not bring myself to tell him over the phone, and besides, I had a chiropractor appointment to get to.

Why is the chiropractor appointment so important? Check back tomorrow to find out exactly how this appointment will stick out as one of the most memorable moments of finding out my whole world has changed.

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Tatiana said...

congrats! That's such exciting news! I can't believe you were able to wait and not tell your husband the first time you saw the positive "pregnancy stick". When I found out, it was about 7am and my hubby was DEEPLY asleep but I could not wait to get more creative, so I just HAD to go in the bedroom and scream it out loud. haha :-) This whole journey is so exciting! Congrats to both of you again!

Shannon said...

omg PAIGEY. I don't mean to be like.. pushy, but...

POST THE REST OF THIS STORY. AND HOW YOU TOLD JASON. LIKE, PRONTO!!! I'm on the edge of my bed!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Can't wait to find out what happens next :)

LillyxxGal said...

Congratulations!! So exciting!

Brittney said...

I AGREE WITH SHANNON!!!!!! :) :) :)

Kerr said...


Brittany Ann said...

Love your how you're re-counting this! So cute!