Sunday, March 14, 2010

Your Questions Answered!

Hey guys! Here are your questions answered by my husband! Other than the links back to your blogs, everything is 100% copied and pasted from my husband's e-mail he drafted to answer your questions! :)  Without further ado: 

First of all i just want to say hello everyone!  Im glad i have the chance to answer some questions
from yall, this should be fun!  So sit back realx and enjoy the answering stylings of me!
Heather asked:
What is your favorite thing about your wife? 
Well besides the obvious answer of everything!  I would have to say my favorite thing is the way Paige lights up a room.  It doesnt matter whats going on she has a smile to her that is contagious and she is so loving that it makes me smile everytime at first glance.
Shannon asked:
How many children do you want, and if you could "pick" the genders, what would you pick? And order counts :) far as children i think 2 would be nice and if i had a choice in gender i would pick both girls.  I think i would love to have daughters and they could be daddys little girls.  

Besides the obvious romance, what was the best part of your honeymoon? 
Oh man! Overall the honeymoon was beyond words, the food, the scenery and most of all i had the best company.  We did alot of tours and layed out but i think the best part about the honeymoon was to see some of the mayan ruins, i love old historic destinations so seeing the structures and to think of the history of the area was pretty awesome. 
Sarah asked:
Who should Jake have picked? Vienna or Tenley?
Alright so im guilty of watching the bachelor and loving it.  I think its hilarious but i def. think Tenley should have won, actually Ally was my favorite and she probably would have won if she stuck around.  

Who are your top three fav of American Idol?
As of right now my top three favorite idol hopefulls are, Crystal Bowersox, Andrew Garcia and Michael Lynch

When are you going to take your wife on a trip to the wonderful city of Lubbock?? 
Man i would love to get over to Lubbock and see yall we will be in Galveson in April but that is still is a far drive.  So maybe in the near future we can make it there!
Katie asked:
What are you thoughts about Fenway? The dog. Not the field.
Fenway is AWESOME!  haha...he is so cute, he can be a pain at times but man that dog loves to cuddle.  When we first got him I wasnt sure about a poodle but as soon as i held him and he licked my nose once and snuggled up I knew we had a winner.

Did you like sending out a picture christmas card or could you have lived without?
I dont mind sending out Christmas cards because i really enjoy getting them in the mail, so i would hope everyone enjoys it also.  Its like getting a break from bills in the mail when you open a card and someone is smiling at you on it!

Mac or PC?
Alright this is my life so Mac all the way.  Being a graphic designer i couldnt use anything else but a Mac, if i could have Apple everything id buy it all.

Reese's Pieces or Reese's Cups? (hello, I gave up sweets for lent - I have to live through others!)
Im a huge fan of Reese's Pieces ever since i was little i guess thats ET and Drew Barrymores fault
Who is your favorite Mother in Law? (giggle)
Well since your my only Mother in Law you win but even if you werent hands down you have the favorite Mother in Law title!
Kristin asked:
How did you propose?!!
Alright so back in Feb 2008 i had completed Paige's ring and was so ready to finally ask her to marry me.  The day of Feb 9th i had to work that morning so i had Paige's mom help me out and place a box outside her door with a note from me that said put this on and ill pick you up at 3 oclock.  So while making her wait until then i went to a local
cave in Bowling Green that has a long walking path that can take you down into the cave.  So along the path i went and hid envelopes that contained pictures and had writing on the backs of them all a progression of our relationship and things that i loved about her.  So at 3 i picked her up and in her pretty green dress we went to the trail and at the time it was 60 degrees but it was much colder so she got a but chilly.  We started our walk and i pulled the envelopes out one by one and let her read each photo as we slowly got closer to the cave entrance that had an area where the river flowed into it.  As we reached the bottom my roommate at the time and his gf had a camera and video camera set up for the big moment. I walked Paige down to the river area which was brown and gross but still keep on trucking cause it was going to be beautiful no matter what.  At this point in the cave area it was prob about 45 degrees the dress paige was wearing was now not such a good idea cause she was real cold haha.  So i had a spot marked so the cameras could get it all and i got down on one knee and told her how much i needed her in my life forever and that having my best friend there by my side each day would mean the world to me.  She squealed a little and gave me a huge hug and i started putting the ring on the wrong hand cause i was a bit nervous at the time.  It was awesome cause we have it all on tape and pictures which are so cool to see.
Laura asked:
Where do you see you guys in 10 tens? (I think this is supposed to read in 10 years.)
I think 10 years from now, i see us with children maybe one or two by then, probably in another house by then just depends on space when we have little ones.  I love my job now but who knows in 10 yrs someday i want my own business but that maybe later down the road.

If you could visit anywhere in the world...where would you pick?
Ive been alot of places in the US but the one place in the world is Italy!  Italy has so much art id love to see and i dont even know where i would want to start.  Its so beautiful and would be incredibly romantic.  Im a fan of architecture and of artist like Michelangelo, and Da Vinci.   Im half Italian and i would like to go to Sicily where my family is originally from and hopefully see where they may have lived and see the country where my name and family began.

Thanks so much for participating you all! :)


littledaisymay said...

Awww I love his answers!!

Heather said...

I loved reading your hubby's answers! I wish my man was that sweet!

I noticed that he said he proposed in Bowling Green. Do ya'll live close to there? If so, you two live in one of my favorite places EVER!

katie + bret said...

What fun little answers!! Tell that man of yours THANKS for answering and Hey, I gave up sweets for lent as well so I feel his pain!