Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fenway's Weekend Playdate

My brother-in-law whisked my sister off for a wonderful 4 day trip to New York City for her birthday, so Jason and I have been taking great care of their dog, Jackson! Riley went to stay with my parents, and Fenway has a playmate! Jackson is about 5 years old, so he's really not into that puppy "hyper" stuff anymore. We did finally get them to play together last night, and we took some videos! The second video will give you all an idea of how silly my husband is!


Annie said...

both pups are so cute!!!
i didn't realize fenway was that small, i always thought of him as a big puffy dog ;)
the other pup looks similar to my dog.
my fiance is always rolling around and chasing our little gus through the house! at least our men like to have fun with the dogs :)

Amy Lynn said...

LOL! Love that you are talkin' about COOKIES in the first one.

They are too funny! Zoey would totally show Jason who's boss if he tried to do that to her toys! hahaha. She'd be jumpin' all over his head!!!

Lisa said...

Silly boys!