Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

'I wish' .... I could win the lottery REAL soon, and I would hope to ________.

**The real question is would you
1.) quit your job/career
2.) continue working

I definitely would continue working for a little while. I adore my job, and my kiddos really count on me. My clients have been through so many therapists and behavioral specialists that they cannot seem to build a relationship with anyone. They just expect everyone to walk out on them. I just couldn't walk away from them so soon after entering their lives.

However, if I won the lottery, I would definitely stop working once Jason and I started a family. I REALLY want to be a stay at home mom, and would definitely seize that opportunity! :)

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Caroline said...

I want to be a SAHM too!

Marcy said...

I love that you cherish your job enough to want to continue it. Your commitment to your patients really conveys your passion for what you do. I'm sure that will carry over to your (future) children as well!

Laura and Ryan said...

You must be so good at your job since you love it so much. It's refreshing to hear..since most people can't find anything they like about their jobs.

Heather said...

I left you something over at my blog :).

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Aww -- Your families are so lucky to have you!!