Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow, Round 2! Riley Comes to Play!

Riley brought her Mommy and Daddy over this morning to play in the snow! And she POUNDED on the door while Jason and I were putting our boots back on, saying "Come on FENNY!!!!"
In the snow with my seester-the last time I played in the snow was with her at probably around age 10. We just don't get this type of snow very often.

My beautiful niece let me pick her up long enough for this picture, and then said DOWN!!!!!!! I can't believe she will be 2 soon.

Snow angel.

She loved that sled!
This picture of Fenny chasing Riley on the sled cracks me up!

Jason threw snow at me, and his aim was off and he hit me in the face! I had to get him back!

Riley and her Mommy. :)
Riley getting her mitten put back on. It was so wet and heavy that it kept falling off!
Jason showing Riley how to smash down the snow.
Someone was ready to go home and get warm.
She was laying face down, smashing the snow.
She was also using her arms to scoop as much of it up as she could.
Snow bunny loved to fall down in the snow and go, "UH! I STUCK!"
The whole Crowe family.
Off they go, back to their house!

Riley shouted "See ya later!" and "Bye-bye!" for as long as we could hear her.

Happy first BIG snow day, Riley!

Videos to come in a bit! :)


katie + bret said...

cutest little snow bunny I have ever seen!

looks like you guys had a fabulous time!


Shannon said...

you are so lucky that Riley can SLED back to your house and that you can see her so often!! she's sooo cute and I love that she loves Fenway :)

Jorden and Kristin said...

SO SO CUTE! she's adorable! that picture of Fenway chasing her is too too funny! i burst out laughing when i saw it!

Anonymous said...

I love Riley!! :) And Fenway too. So precious. What a fun day!

Laura and Ryan said...

Those pics of little Riley in the snow are just adorable! I love the ones of her on the sled too :)