Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow! Round 1!

Kentucky got hit by the snow storm that many of the states in the U.S. did over the past few days.  Our area ended up with around 6" of snow! I haven't seen this much snow in YEARS!  I hope you are ready for a few posts FULL of photos!

Our home.  We've been here almost a year now!!!!
Look at this crazy snow drift on our front porch!
Up PAST my ankles! It's nuts!
Jason decided to look like a ninja while he shoveled our back porch, to give Fenway a place to shake off after he does his business.
Fenny really didn't like it that we were outside in the snow and left him inside.
So we let him out! Without his sweater...we had to fix that!
He LOVED running around and burying his face in the snow! Don't worry, I have videos! They're coming!
LOTS of running!

My sweet little family. :)
A close up shot of Fenway's face.  He was frozen!

I love my sweet puppy!
I adore my husband! :)

After a lot of fun and running, we had to put Fenway in a warm bath to melt all the snow off his belly!

Stay tuned for Round 2 to see the fun we had when Riley brought her parents over to play in the snow, and for videos! :)


Shannon said...

adorable!! I love that last picture of his snow belly! :D So much fun! I'm glad Fenway loved the snow day! :) :) :)

Jax said...

awwwww little Fenway is so cute! haha! Love it! Gracie buries her face in the snow too! My boyfriend threw a snowball at his dog and she'd try to catch it, only to have it burst into little snow pieces.. She'd thrust her head into the snow looking for where her "ball" went.. haha! :) Your home is adorable btw.. :) This snow is for the birds! I cant believe this winter we're all having!! Stay warm!

katie + bret said...

awww Fenway looks so cute! Too precious.

Your house looks GORGEOUS!

littledaisymay said...

I love the close up of Fenway's frozen face! So cute :)

Anonymous said...

haha. precious snow belly! :) i also love the one of you guys running. precious.

Jane said...

Aww it's a snow puppy! Looks like y'all had so much fun! Stay warm!