Monday, December 7, 2009

Curly Fenny!

I appreciate your patience with me on my lack of blogging lately. And I promise, I HAVE been reading each and every one of your blogs, but I haven't been commenting lately. I keep meaning to go back and comment, but then I run out of free time and forget. Please forgive me! Hopefully once I settle in to my new schedule with my AMAZING new job, I'll be back into a routine again.

Since I've been so absent, I wanted to share our latest Fenway pictures! His long, poofy hair was getting WAY too long, causing a lot of matted spots that were hurting Fenway to try to get them out. So we decided that he needed a bit of a trim-and boy did a TON of curl surface!! Look how cute!

Such a sweet puppy! He's definitely even more of a snuggle buddy now!! :)


Annie said...

aw, fenway is so cute!!!
our little gussy just visited the groomer today ;)

hope all is well hun!! :)

Brittney said...

Hehehe! He looks less like a bear now and more like a dog! ;)

Caroline said...


Anonymous said...

Aww so cute!