Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Lessons

What a beautiful year of blessings 2009 brought me. Although there are many highlights to 2009, I find myself reflecting the things that I have learned the most this year. I have posted links to the ones that have posts that relate.

Planning a wedding just isn't that fun.

Buying your first home is equally stressful and exciting. Nothing makes you prouder on closing day to realize "I worked for this, and it's finally mine."

Do not expect someone to take a hint. Just tell them how you feel.

Listening to your niece learn how to say your name is the sweetest sound to hear.

Nothing will get in the way of my husband and seeing the Boston Red Sox play in person.

Centipedes crawl really fast.

The Poochie-Bell is the world's greatest invention.

Get out of your job that makes you feel meaningless.

You cannot stop a child from reflecting your parenting-no matter how guarded to tell them to be.

Children that have always been given up on believe that everyone will give up on them eventually.

Some people really do live in situations that I only believed to be in the movies.

Some people really don't want to be helped.

You can't change anyone's priorities.

Appreciation to your spouse is the key that opens many doors.

I'm way beyond blessed. I am reminded each and every day when I go to work to be thankful for the unbelievable amount of blessings I have been given.

My bloggy readers really are the best. :)

Happy 2010 everyone! Be safe and celebrate it well!!


Brittney said...

Yes, Poochie Bells are AMAZING!

Lisa H said...


Jax said...

Happy New Year!!! :) Great post.. Love the "do not drink the water in Mexico, or eat the ice on the plane on the way home" haha.. :)