Monday, May 18, 2009

Jason James

After talking with my good pal, Christine today, I realized that not everyone knows my fabulous husband to be (in less than 2 weeks!).  So I thought I'd share some pictures with you all, as well as tell you a little bit about him, the way I see him.

Look how different we look!  We met 3 years ago, on a spring break trip to Gulf Shores.  I was seeing someone else, and looking forward to a week with my girlfriends.  He was there with a bunch of friends, and coincidentally knew one of the girls that I was with.  Thanks for deciding to meet up with all of our new friends Rachel!!  Who knew I would have met the love of my life on that trip?

What a goofball this one is.  I think his humor is what hooked me.  I was addicted to conversations with him, because he always made me laugh.  He LOVES cheesy lines, and can put a funny spin on just about everything.  He even used silly pick up line text messages shortly after we began seeing each other.  Thank goodness he wasn't serious!  If he's not laughing, or doing a weird dance, something is WRONG.  He dances to the beat of his own drum, and taught me to do the same.  
Don't worry about anyone else, do what makes you happy.  Be as you are, and those that are the most important will be glad that it shines through.  Thank goodness for these lessons.  He saved me from a lot of heartache from old friends with these lessons.  It doesn't matter who he is around, whether his boss, a parent, a friend, or a kid-Jason can only be Jason.  He has no idea how to mold into what people think he ought to be in certain situations, and I LOVE that.  And that's what so many people love about him.  
What a romancer he is.  Our first "official" date was June 16, 2006.  He took me to the top of a parking structure of our college, and we watched the sunset as he played music and danced with me.  We make the trip to that empty structure every year.  As weird of a date it was, it sure beat dinner and a movie!!

We have a TON of pictures.  He's so sentimental.  What a girl haha!  He LOVES taking pictures together, and I'm so glad we have so many.  Granted, a lot of them are the same pose as the one above, but we have a lot of different times in our lives documented thanks to his sentimental heart. 
He's also a HUGE softy.  He fell in love with our niece probably as quickly as I did (at the first moment we heard she was coming!).  He sat with my entire family that day, only to leave for a few short hours to take an exam.  He was there for her birth, and our first meeting of sweet Riley.  Too bad so many people gush over her, he doesn't get to hold her nearly as much as he'd like!!  But Riley likes to laugh at his funny faces.

He'll be a great Dad someday.  I always joke that we will need kids soon (but not too soon!) just so Jason will have someone to play with and watch cartoons with.  They'll love his love for board games, frisbee, and the toy aisle at Wal-Mart.  (Jason has started many stories with me by saying: "So today, I stopped by Wal-Mart to play and you will never guess what I found.")

There you have him.  My Boston born, southern raised, music lovin', 5 year old trapped inside a man's body.  I love him. :)


Lisa H said...

I love him too!! It takes a special somebody to make my funny Paigey smile. Jason is the one!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post so much it's out of control. I want to do one of these. Maybe I should blog more, because I definitely have a HUGE list of stuff to blog about. haha. So cute! :) I'm so glad that you found the man of your dreams! :)

Amy Lynn said...

What a great blog :) I'm so happy you have found such an amazing man that is simply perfect for you! I can't wait to share your special day with you in just a few short days!

Haven said...

Okay, so I haven't talked to you in FOREVER!!!! (Stupid busy life!) I noticed this on facebook, read it, and HAD to comment! I love this post!!!!! You are the sweetest!! I know I don't get to be around you enough, but I can remember vividly talking about your first meeting! I can also remember standing on the knoll by DUC playing hacky sack! :) I know Jason would have just as many sweet things to say about you! Congratulations on the soon-to-be wedding!! I still love and miss you, Paigey!

Annette said...

Okay you made a momma cry, but in the best way! It does my heart such good to hear you speak of my son with such love and affection. I am proud that you are going to be my family too. You make Jason very happy and that makes me very happy. You are a special young lady and I thank God that He brought you two together. Love you.

Jen Creed said...

Awww I love this :) You two are so fantastic!!

Shannon said...

a man with a baby is the BEST thing ever, isn't it?! I try to explain that to Mark, but he doesn't understand the appeal. But seriously. It's great! & What a great post idea! :] So you will be Mrs. Orlando? What a COOL LAST NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! totally. I'm 100% serious. I love it.