Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vacation Recap

So we've totally been home from vacation for nearly a month now, but I have to share these photos with you all.  Ethan LOVED the beach, the ocean, and all things outside!  We headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama, which just so happens to be the place Jason and I met.  Talk about full circle.

He did not like the sand at first.  In fact, the first time we put him down, he cried and said "OFF! OFF!"  Thankfully the next attempt went well.  I think he was just tired from a long car ride.


So, in pictures, here was our trip!

I DIE.  He's beautiful.
Out.  The waves relaxed him so much, he napped like this every day.  I covered him with every ounce of clothing I could find, but left it off just for the sake of the picture.

We took him to the zoo, which he LOVED.

He loves his Daddy.

Where's Ethan?!

Sleepy boy.

He found a girlfriend at dinner one night.  Talked to her the entire time.

My men.  My heart.

Obligatory beach family photos.

The happiest little thing.

My love.

I love this.  How cute is it that he went to sleep this way?!


I die.  I love this picture of him.

Um.  When did my baby become a kid?! He's so big!

Heading home, and my parents were heading down.  We are blessed that my grandparents own a condo in Gulf Shores, so we all try to use it when we can.  So we met at the halfway point to have lunch!

Truly, truly, a wonderful trip.


Erika said...

How fun! You are all gorgeous.

Valerie said...

Precious! We're headed to Gulf Shores in a couple of weeks. Seeing your pictures reminds me of how excited I am!!
Girl, you are skinny! Look at you! I need in on your secrets!