Saturday, August 18, 2012

Independent Man

We made it through Ethan's first day of Early Learning! I was a bundle of nerves all day.  It was a little weird to see his name on a lunch box, pack him a back pack, and leave him with someone I hardly know.

Ethan didn't help my nerves by being incredibly fussy all morning.  He was insisting on playing with one of my makeup brushes, and would not give me the time of day for a decent "first day of school" photo.  So this is what we ended up with.

Walking my boy in.

We walked into Ethan's classroom, gave him a kiss and put him down.  Without even looking back, he made a beeline for the slide and started to play.  Jason and I stood there for a few minutes, not really sure what to do.  Do we slip out and leave?  No, what if he freaks out when he realizes we are gone?! Do we make sure he knows we are leaving? No, that may freak him out and he may throw a fit. So we just stood there.

He glanced back once or twice, and we would smile and wave and say "bye-bye!"  He never acknowledged our words, and continued battle for slide time take his turn on the slide like a well-behaved child.

I could feel a knot in my throat, so glad he wasn't struggling with his new environment, but so sad that he was doing so well.  He seemed so big.  So independent.  I knew this day would come, I just never realized it would come so soon.

We slipped out, and I managed to hold back most of my tears.  We stood at the window for a few more minutes, watching him go down on the slide.  I guess we were waiting for a meltdown, so we could rush in, pick him up, and make it a million times worse for the teachers.

Work was killer.  It took forever to reach 2 o'clock.  I wanted to call and see how he was.  I wanted to sneak back behind his door and make sure he wasn't afraid.

We made it to 2, and found him sitting on top of the slide, just as we left him.  His teachers told me that he was wonderful all day.  They said that anytime they had free-time for play, Ethan was on the slide.  He didn't nap all day, but they just made the adjustment to his needs and allowed him to eat lunch early instead.  Cue proud Momma.  Cue really tired baby.  Within moments of being in the car, he passed out from a successful day at school.

Now we can only hope it wasn't a fluke and that Monday goes well.  Fingers crossed.


Jax said...

I love that he adjusted so well...and loved that slide! Adorable! I'm sure that's so sad and hard though! I mean, you don't want your kid to be the one that won't stop crying, but you also want him to be bummed you're leaving. My friends have all had to deal with that recently and it just seems so hard any way you look at it! Glad he did so well (and glad you did so well, too). :) XOXO!

Erika said...

Go Ethan! And how could he not love school? That place looks awesome.

Bryce and Cecily said...

I like your sassy walk as you walked Ethan in. The picture doesn't move, but I know you were shaking it in your heels (and super cute top). Sassy Britches. :)