Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Toddler Boy-12 Months!


Today is your BIRTHDAY!! 

You are officially my toddler, 12 months old! You weigh 21.6 pounds and are in 12 month clothing.  You are still wearing size 3 diapers, and quite a talker!!

Ethan's First Year from Paige Orlando on Vimeo.
You are so close to taking your first steps, but you haven't quite gotten brave enough to let go of our fingers.  Truth is, I'm not sure Mommy is ready to let go either.

You are quite a talker.  You say "Hi," "Bye-Bye," "Dog," "Hi Granny," "Daddy," "Momma," "Thank you," "Ruff (your stuffed puppy's name)," "Yeah," and a lot of other words I can't understand yet.  You are trying really hard to say "Pappy," but right now it's just "puh."

You survived your first virus and high temperature this month, and I'm hoping that is something you don't deal with again for a very long time!

You had your first birthday party this past weekend, and you had a blast! You LOVED your first taste of sugar, but I'm thinking those days will be few and far between.  You were WILD that night.  Sorry, kiddo, cookies to a minimum for you.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. I can't believe we are already at this point.  You are my toddler already, and I miss my tiny baby.  If I could keep you little, I would so that I could always cuddle you and snuggle you; but I know how much we would miss if we didn't get to watch you grow into the funny little boy you are.  We love you.



Valerie said...

Happy Birthday! I cannot believe it's his birthday already. Wow. Hope y'all had a great time celebrating!

Erika said...

So I just watched the video!! I loved it:-) I am making one for S as's a process.

Tatiana said...

Oh my goodness this was one fast year. He is adorable. I hope he enjoyed his first month as a toddler. It's a whole new ballgame from here :-)