Sunday, March 18, 2012


My goodness! I've been such an awful blogger lately.  I'm definitely still reading, but I've been lacking in the posting department.  I have tons of pictures to share with you all, but lately getting on the computer seems to be the last thing on my mind.  We've been spending a lot more time focusing on "being present" in our actual daily activities and it has been so nice.  However, I've missed sharing with you all so I'm back, hopefully on a regular basis again!

We've had some beautiful weather lately, and thanks to my work schedule, we are able to enjoy it often.  Several times we have picked Jason up from work and spent his lunch hour at the park to enjoy the fantastic (and early!) spring we are having.  We've introduced the swing to Ethan and he LOVES it.  To be honest, I think we love it more than he does.  We've been going to the park every chance we get, even if it is just for a few minutes.

He doesn't seem to care too much for the slides, but he sure loves his Daddy!

My happy boy.  Sigh.

Love those kisses!
One of our local parks has a duck pond, and I think that's Ethan's favorite.  It's closest to our home, but he gets a real kick out of the ducks playing in the water and coming on shore for bread.


Silly Daddy.

Waving.  So proud of himself.
What are some of your favorite activities to do outdoors with an infant?


Jax said...

He is just too cute! I love the one of you kissing him!! And girl, I feel ya.. I read the blogs at work, but haven't made a lot of time to blog on my own or to comment on others (sorry). I read really quickly at work and then minimize the window so no one walking by can see.. .lol!

Erika said...

So fun!!! I'm exactly the same about reading, but writing is hard:-)