Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a Box

We had a diaper shipment delivery last week, and Jason decided to cut out a "window" out for Ethan and give him room to explore and play.  He wasn't too sure about it at first.  He hesitated crawling in, so for a while he just played on the outside.

We even put Fenway inside for some extra fun! Don't worry, he was only in there for a few seconds...Fenway wasn't a fan.


He saw the inside, but he just wasn't too sure what to do with it.  The outside though? He was very intrigued.  He could peak through the window, he could talk to his Daddy from the other side, and he could even climb on it.  It seemed as though our little man has already realized that "thinking outside the box" is completely normal and encouraged.

So we put a few of his favorite toys inside, and he quickly surpassed his hesitated and climbed in.  Surprisingly? He was just as happy inside the box as he was outside the box.

The inside of our boxes are familiar, they're filled with things we know, things we love, things we are comfortable with.  What's wrong with staying inside our box once in a while?  What's wrong with keeping our thoughts centered on things we know, things we love, and things we are comfortable with? Isn't it just as enjoyable to spend a little bit of time inside our boxes without worrying about what we are missing on the outside?

Of course, the outside of our boxes has lots to offer too, although can we classify it as "better?"  Is is always better to be thinking outside our boxes?

We must keep going, we must keep our minds working.  We can go in our boxes one way, and come out another.  Even if our exit was intended to be a window, sometimes we can make it a door if we try hard enough.  Whether on the inside or the outside, we never really forget the contents of our boxes.  So maybe, just maybe, we can take those things we know and love outside the box with us.  Sometimes they are our greatest inspiration.


Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

They always seem to like boxes better than what's in them lol

Brittney said...

So fun! And your new blog look is so cute!