Monday, February 27, 2012

8 Months

Happy 8 Months Stinky Boy!

We have found you to be a LOT more active this month.  Up until recently, you would switch from crawling on all fours to your army crawl depending on the surface you were navigating.  Now you are on all fours all the time.  You've found a new level of speed on all fours, and take off towards everything we don't want you to get into every chance you get.

We have a digital scale in our bathroom, and until about a week ago, you didn't weigh enough for the scale to pick up your weight on its own.  I noticed the other day that you decided to explore on the scale and it picked up your weight! You weigh 18.2 pounds and are in size 2 diapers.  You're growing so quickly and getting HEAVY.  You still love to be held and carried as much as possible.  You've started a new thing about wanting to be carried, but wanting to lean as far forward as possible to see what's going on in the floor.  This is killing Mommy's arms, can you loosen up on that a little?

Riley is starting to find you more interesting because you will play with her. 
She is also very happy that you have teeth now.  Your bottom two teeth are sharp and thank goodness you haven't bitten her yet.  You are still working on the top two teeth, and some days they are making you miserable.  We will be so glad when those break through to give you some relief.
You are pulling up on EVERYTHING.  You are a lot braver than what your skills allow.  You have no problems standing while holding on to things, but you try to push the limit and hold on one handed.  On REALLY brave days, you let go with both hands and fall pretty quickly.  Thankfully you've never been hurt, but certainly scared a few times.
This month you also visited some of the doctor's that saved your life! It was a special moment for us, and you charmed them all with your sweet smile.  You even showed a few of them you know how to wave now!  Your waving was lots of fun for you a couple of weeks ago, but now that it is an "old trick" you tend to resist our requests to show people.

Your best friend is still Fenway, and I'm sure we will continue to see that as you grow. 
We were able to get a couple of really beautiful days this month, and even took you to the park for your very first swing ride! You LOVED it.
Granny and Pappy took you to the mall one day about a week ago for your very first carousel ride.  You seemed to enjoy it, but had a very serious, concentrated look on your face as Granny held on to you during the ride.

You've taken a new interest in Mommy's old Glow Worm, and give it lots of kisses. 
You are spending three full days at Granny's every week now, and we get two full days of fun time together! We both seem to like this schedule a lot more, since we can have more quality time instead of spending all of our time to get ready and go.  While you were at Granny's last week, you discovered a little rocking chair that you really love.  Granny told you all about where this sweet little chair came from and how your Pa Russ (the man you were named after) refinished the seat when I was little.  Somehow you managed to talk her into bringing it home with you, so you now have your very own little chair in the living room.
You are such a sweet, lovey little boy that we just can't get enough of.
We are so thrilled that you are OUR little boy to love on, play with and snuggle every day.  You are so sweet, so active, and so full of energy that we are always on our toes.  I love the way you become a giggle box when you are sleepy, and I love the way you grin really big when I get into your line of vision.  Taking your "monthly" photos is definitely a huge 2-person job now, because you won't stay still!  It's so nice and bittersweet to see how much you change each and every single day.

Love you always baby boy,


Erika said...

You still ha e your glow worm?! That's awesome. His face on the horse is priceless:)

undomestic chica said...

So cute! Happy 8 months!