Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Celebration! Part 1

I turned 25 on Sunday!  My parents decided to grill out for lunch on Saturday to celebrate, and surprised me with everyone showing up! My sister and her husband with sweet Riley, and even my best friend of 10 years, Ally, came in! Ally's birthday is September 21, and her sister's birthday is October 3, so they had both come back into town to celebrate their own birthdays with her family.  Even with a packed weekend of family, she was able to come by for a couple of hours.  I was so thrilled! I love it when she's back in town!

Prepare for picture overload...

Riley picked out a princess crown for the both of us so we could be princesses this weekend.  She even picked out some beautiful flowers for me.  She helped read my birthday cards to me.  According to her, they were all from "Jake" (I think she's referring to a D!sney Channel character) and they all said "I love you Paige and I love Riley too.  From Jake." Ha!
Ethan, just chillin'
Love a good visit from her!

Ethan is pretty obsessed with her.  She is his very first love.  We just can't tell her boyfriend that there is a love affair going on. ;)

I'm biased, but really?! How cute is this face?

He's a little attached to his Momma.


My sweet little family.  I love my men!

I swear, I hope I look half as good as my Momma does.

Greatest Dad ever.

I had such a fun afternoon! I love it when my whole family gets together just to hang out, and birthdays are always a great excuse for that!  I was lucky enough that they wanted to spend Saturday AND Sunday with me.  I really wanted to take Ethan to the Apple Orchard for the first time on my birthday, so we all headed up there for lots of pictures after church on Sunday.  But more on that tomorrow!


Erika and Jason said...

Happy Birthday! You make me feel old:-) Yay for fall birthdays...I turn 30 in 10 days, 10. Oh my.

Madeline said...

Happy Birthday!

Jax said...

Happy Belated birthday!! Love that Riley picked out princess crowns! ha! :) And I ADORE the pic of your little family together! SO stinking cute!