Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fenway Update

Thank you sweet bloggy friends for all of your kind words on my previous post about my sweet puppy and his minor surgery.  I completely admit to being a total baby about it, crying upon his departure and during the evening that he had to stay away from us.  You all left such sweet and sensitive messages that it was definitely a "pick-me-up."  Not everyone involved in my real life was as sensitive about it, and I appreciate the sweet words so much! Fenway is doing great, and I'm so glad to have him back home; although he is being a bit difficult.

He will not stop licking his incision spot.

He isn't supposed to do any jumping on anything for a solid week, and we've already found him on the couch and the bed upon entering the room.  Poor boy doesn't understand why he shouldn't jump on things that he normally can!  We are having a terrible time stopping this, I hope he doesn't hurt himself.

He is significantly more lovable and willing to cuddle now.  This isn't hurting my feelings one bit! :)

He has to sleep in his "bed"  instead at the foot of ours for the next week to make sure that he doesn't jump off the bed in the middle of the night, and he doesn't understand why.  He's not really excited about that.

I can't wait until he is fully healed so that he can resume life as normal-without a few parts. :)


Jane said...

Glad to hear he is recovering safe and sound!

katie + bret said...

aww - Cute little post. I just want to hug Fenway!

Hope your little man is 100% soon!

Brittney said...

Aw, glad to hear he's back home! I cried when we left Lily overnight to be spayed. Poor thing. She was SO NUTS when she came home, too, because we couldn't exercise her. We tried to keep her in her crate as much as possible, but it was so awful. Hope he heals fast!