Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Two years ago today, my sweet husband asked me to marry him. I don't think I have ever shared our proposal story with you before, so I figured out today was as good of a time as any!

I knew it was coming. Jason wanted me to help pick out the most perfect, unique ring setting many months before he proposed. We found it in early July, and because it was a discontinued setting, I was aware that he bought it. Then it was time to wait for him to put in the diamond.

Around early January, Jason (being the terrible secret keeper that he is) blurted out that he had completed my ring and the diamond was set. He wanted the actual proposal date to be a surprise too, but he kind of blew that one too ;). It's ok sweetie, I was anxious too!

He spoke to my parents about a week before, and then nervously awaited Feb. 9. This day was of no significance to either of us until that day. Jason wanted to propose on a random day, to help with the "surprise" element.

On the morning of the 9th, he had my mother leave a box outside my bedroom door with a card. I still lived at home at the time. I opened it, and it was the cutest, green, spring dress! However, the day was not nearly as warm as our local weather station predicted (imagine that). But the note said to wear the dress and be ready by 3.

Jason picked me up, shivering because of the low temperature, and took me to a nearby local landmark. There is a hiking trail that leads down into one of our caves. This cave used to be an underground night club way back when, and is still used for a lot of weddings and social events. Throughout our walk on the trail, Jason had hidden envelopes in the bushes and trees throughout our walk. Each envelope had some photos from different stages in our relationship, along with a small letter telling me the importance of those stages to him. Once we arrived almost to the end of the path, we got a little closer to the river area, and he began talking. I was so nervous, and I honestly couldn't tell you what was said at those moments. He did say some very precious things, and also had a few of our friends hiding, taking photographs and video. The quality of the photos are pretty bad, mainly due to dim lighting and the wrong setting on our camera. I won't share the video, mainly because it's 5 minutes long, and you can't hear a single thing. It is still nice to have to watch it once in a while. Anyway, you get the idea. :)

My parents were waiting in the parking lot with champagne once we came back up from the cave, ready to toast and celebrate!

A lot has happened over these past two years since Jason and I decided to get married, and I'm still loving every minute of it! :)


katie + bret said...

:) That story gave me chills!!! Love it!

Happy 2 years since one of the most special days EVER!

Jess said...

How precious!!!!!

Thanks so sharing with us!

littledaisymay said...

That is SO sweet!

Annie said...

what a cute story!!
i love it!
how special that you have photos :)

Shannon said...

very, very cute, Paigey!!

Brittney said...

Sooo sweet! Too bad it wasn't warm! (Not that it matters, anyway.) ;) But I was reading my post from today 1 year ago and it was 70 degrees. *sigh*

Jane said...

What a sweet engagement story!!