Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Months!

My little love,

I cannot believe that we are only two months away from your first birthday!  You are growing so quickly, but you are turning into one of the most entertaining little boys ever.  You weigh 19.8 pounds and are in 9 and 12 month clothing. We are on our last set of size 2 diapers and you will be switching to size 3 as soon as those are finished up.  I can't believe how quickly you are growing.

We've been up to a lot during this month! You had your first official "illness."  It was extremely difficult to watch you feel so poorly and not be able to do much to help you get comfortable.  You are such a champ, and took your medicine without hardly any fight.

However, we need to discuss this situation with everything going into your mouth.  We've already had an incident with dog poop, and over the last month you have forced me to pull the car over quickly to fish something out of your mouth.  The first time I had to pull over I found a ball of string that came from who knows where, and the second time you ripped off your band-aid after an iron level test at the pediatrician. Watching you choke and gag on foreign object always scares me, but the car rides are definitely not the place to taste inedible objects.  It's got to stop.  Or you will be grounded.

We got to celebrate your first Easter this month! It's a tradition in our family that everyone gets a new pair of flip-flops for Easter, and you were certainly excited about yours.  In fact, it was the only thing in your basket you showed any interest in.

You looked so adorable in your seersucker suit for Easter.

As a really special treat, we gave you a Cheese Puff on Easter since you can't have candy yet.  You LOVED it, but you made quite a mess.

You somewhat enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs, but finding one was enough to satisfy your excitement.


Daddy took off a couple of days to spend with you this month too, and you LOVED spending some one on one time with him.  He took you to see Big Red at the mall, and you love him! We were so glad to see you weren't afraid of him.

You also discovered that you have one cabinet in the kitchen that Mommy will let you totally destroy.  The storage container cabinet will hold your interest for nearly half an hour some days.  You love pulling everything out, climbing inside and crawling around with your new finds.

We have been having some beautiful weather, and we spent one Sunday afternoon as a family outdoors.  You spent most of the afternoon on a blanket with me playing with some toys, but decided to venture away and help Daddy plant a few flowers.

       I'm not really sure why, but apparently you have already decided that you want to be a part of social crazes and start planking. 
You are so animated, and I love that you have so many facial expressions.  One of your new favorites is the fish face.  You giggle and clap for yourself after you make it.

We have finally found a cup that you enjoy, and you've taken a new liking to using them on your own.  You look so big holding your own cup!
You LOVE books, love to be read to, love to look at the pictures, and love to turn the pages.  I love to watch your inquisitive mind start exploring through books.

You LOVE music.  It is so fun to watch you dance around.  We even caught you "conducting" once!

You are a clapping machine, and Daddy is already training you to be a sports fan.  You quickly picked up "Touchdown!!"

One of your FAVORITE playtime activities is total destruction, especially with blocks.  We build towers, and you have a blast leveling them.

Granny has been working on songs with you, and "If You're Happy and You Know It" is currently your favorite.

You are already realizing that physical fitness is important, and have started to workout.  Since you can't lift weights yet, your toy chest will have to do for now.

You have the sweetest laugh, and you immediately chime in with a giggle when everyone else laughs.  It's one of my favorite things you do.

You aren't standing independently yet, but you are definitely pulling up and using things to walk along with.  It's a good thing you have made such good friends with Fenway, because somehow he lets you use him as a push along toy.

You are so active and independent, but it is a rare moment that you will reject an opportunity to be loved on.  You still love to be held, you love to give hugs, and you love to lay your head on my shoulder.  You are such a snuggle buddy, and I love watching you love on your stuffed animals too.  I'm so glad to see that even though you are rough and tumble, you still have a soft heart.  You capture the hearts of total strangers with your sweet smile and friendly face.  I couldn't be more proud of you.

Love you always,


Brittney said...

Oh my gosh!! The planking is hilarious! What handsome little fella!

Lissa Ann said...

You're blogs make me feel like an inadequate mother!!! LOL I LOVE how you write and Ethan is just adorable! What a character he is! The fish face cracked me up!!! He's setting the bar high for my standards for Jared! ;) jk jk jk!!

Valerie said...

Seriously.. that Easter picture is precious! Hard to believe he's so close to his birthday!!!