Thursday, July 28, 2011

Splish Splash, I Was Takin' a Bath

Ethan finally got his first tub bath last night!  We have been doing sponge baths for quite a while now waiting for the last little piece from his umbilical cord to dry up to give him a good bath in the tub.  We were so excited to finally give him a real bath, and he LOVED it! Prepare for picture overload.

He had a fantastic time splashing and having the warm water on him until I got him out to wrap him up in a towel.  Then he decided that it was warmer in the water and threw a huge fit! 

He settled quickly when I wrapped him up in his shark robe! My best friend from high school (along with her mother and boyfriend) made up the most adorable bath time fun kit for our baby shower.  It had his whale tub, some bath time toys, the shark robe, and lots of other things.  Allyson had purchased the shark robe in honor of Discovery Channels "Shark Week."  She will be back in town during that time, so Ally and Ethan will have their very first date on the couch wearing their shark gear. :)  Well, Ethan will be, I'm not so sure if Ally has a shark robe.  Sigh, my little man is dating already! ;)  Good thing Ally has a serious boyfriend, or I may have to give her "the mom talk" on protecting my little boy's heart!

I think bath time is definitely going to be one of our favorite activities in the Orlando house!

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Jen Creed said...

Your baby is the cutest. End of story. :)