Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sweet Caroline...

In just a couple of weeks, Jason and I are headed HERE:
(all images are courtesy of Google)
Feel smart by exploring here:
Explore the history of here:
Going where everyone knows your name here:
And of course, rooting for our favorite team (BEHIND HOME PLATE) here:

We're headed to Massachusetts!

This is my first trip to the New England area, and Jason's first trip since he moved away from Boston with his mother at age 3.  Jason is SO excited to show me where he was born.  We are going to stay in Boston, but drive up to Salem and Gloucester as well.  Jason still has some family in Gloucester, so we will get to see them too!

Jason has also gotten us tickets to see Wicked! at the Boston Opera House one evening.  I'm SUPER excited about that part.

Have any of you ever been to Boston? Any suggestions on awesome sites to see or restaurants to try, please let me know!  I can't wait for some REAL seafood!


Heather said...

How exciting!! I hope you two have a great time!

Bryce and Cecily said...

Boston's really cool. I did a long weekend with my sister there. The public gardens are pretty. Little Italy - go to Mike's. (I don't know if it's MIke's or MIke's Pastry shop... There's usually a line, but it's worth it. It's the best pastry place there - famous for it. The food's awesome down on that end too. Sea food - you better! I thought the park looking across to where Harvard or whatever is over there is pretty with the dock and a cool Alber Einstein statue. We walked through the cool old neighbohoods and stuff... YOu'll love it - plus you have a great guide.

Jorden and Kristin said...

I was going to say to make sure you get to Fenway!! We went to the green dragon pub and that was awesome! And of course the make way for the ducklings statues in the public garden!!