Friday, August 20, 2010

My First Product Review!

I'm so excited! I've been contacted by Lifeguard Press to do a product review! I chose this fabulous 2010-2011 Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda.

As a children's counselor, I'm all over the county going from schools to homes and back to the office. It's extremely hard to keep up with where I'm supposed to be and where, and most agendas I find leave me this insanely TINY space for my entire day of events. Not happening.

What I love the most about this agenda is that it is useful for things other than my schedule:
  • It comes with an adorable sheet of stickers that I love using for personal events that I document.
  • It has several pages that are just for note taking. This is extremely important to me as I often have requests from families that I have to relay back to other members of my team. When I see 5-8 kids/families in a day, it's difficult to keep them straight!
  • It also has a few little pockets that I can use to hold my business cards, small drawings that my kids give me (love that part!), and other pages of information I need to deliver to my families.
  • Not only does it have the day by day calendar with tons of room, but it also has a "month-at-a-glance" page, which I absolutely love! This feature makes it easier for scheduling my future appointments.
  • My job requires a LOT of confidentiality. This agenda has an elastic band closure that I absolutely love to make sure that only my eyes are viewing the information of my clients.
Plus, it's just so pretty! I love the pink and green, but Lifeguard Press has many other patterns as well for those of you that don't love pink! The bright, cheery pattern is so fun, and I enjoy carrying it around. I've already had several of my clients ask me about this new agenda, and how to get one.

If you want one of your own, or to purchase one for a friend, simply head on over to the Lifeguard Press website! You can see what else they have to offer right now in the world of organization. They also have some fun party supplies and accessories! If you just want a closer peek at my agenda, take a look!

Thanks Lifeguard Press for letting me do a review! What do you say about a giveaway for my readers?! Think about it. :)


Denise Marie said...

Awesome Paige! You deserve it. I hope you get to do many.

Brittany Ann said...

How precious! I love that it has stickers, too!

Emily Ellis said...

this is my fav agenda! I had one last year... it was so perfect and great! It is def a must have!

Heather said...

I absolutely love your choice!! Lilly Pulitzer is amazing!

littledaisymay said...

What an adorable agenda! I love it :)